Designers and Embroiderers

A Salute to the Champions

The Palestinian History Tapestry Champions, live and work in Gaza, Ramallah, the Naqab, Jordan and Lebanon. These people are the designers, sketchers and embroiderers who together transfer rough ideas into beautiful pictorial panels and spacers.  Palestinians, living in a diaspora, are brought together by stitch. The project is a Palestinian uniting vehicle. Images are being designed and sketched by one group of the scattered population, and  being stitched by another group, perhaps 100s of miles away.

The completed panels are as individual and as remarkable as the Palestinians themselves. These resourceful creators are helping to fulfil two of the Projects fundamental aims:

  • To support the traditional craft of Palestinian needlewomen
  • To record an insufficiently appreciated history of Palestine



Hekmat and Ibrahim, in Gaza



El Amari Women’s Group, in Ramallah



Basma and Iman, from Ein el Helweh in Lebanon 


Janette, [Centre] in Amman Jordan


Hind, Samar and Fatma, from UNRWA in Gaza

photo (13)

Albeit Al Salamed, Women’s Group, in Gaza




Dowlat El Amari Women’s Group, in Ramallah

photo (7)

The Society of Women Graduates, in Gaza



Shaima and Razan from Gaza