Colour consultation in Gaza


Colour consultation for the panel showing architecture as seen in Khirbet El-Mafjar or Hisham’s Palace in Old Jericho area



AGM 2015/6


Far left Selma Harb and Liz Taylor-Awny latest members of the committee

For sale……and…..selling well

Limited edition prints of five popular embroidered panels.        Each one is limited to 50 Giclee prints approx. 50 x 30 cm, on mat cotton, coated canvas, ready to frame or mount. Each print comes with an authentic limited edition certificate.


The Nativity, the Christian story designed and sewn by women of Beit Jala, Bethlehem.


Gaza Rooftops, designed by Adham Jaba and embroidered by Hekmat Ashour, Gaza

Olive picking

Olive Harvest, designed and stitched by the women of Haneen Project, Balata refugee camp  near Nablus


Henna Party, a traditional embroidery stitched by Albeit Alsamed,  Gaza


Palestine, an extract from a poem by Mahmoud Dawish.

Calligraphy designer,Ibrahim Muhtadi, stitched by Hekmat Ashour, Gaza

The prints are £50 each plus postage and packing.

For a purchase please contact

An Update

In light of the current situation in Gaza it is more than ever important to continue with our work on the Palestinian History Tapestry.  Donations continue to arrive and we are grateful to our donors who give without a second thought, who trust us to do well by their belief in what PHT is saying it will accomplish.  We thank those Palestinians in Jordan who are new to the project and who have shown great enthusiasm and excitement about being involved, and who are sewing.  Helen Hawari from PHT UK is planning a visit with new and old groups in West Bank, Ramallah and Galilee.  We in UK continue project awareness by writing articles, giving talks, and holding sales of work, and we try to keep our spirits up for Gaza. Dear Gaza, Atfaluna, Sulafa, and those individuals who are helping PHT, we look forward to the day you are free to live as others do, and we look forward to you being able to design and stitch again on the panels you have in hand. We are watching for your safety and waiting for your freedom.

Embroiderers from Al Amari Refugee Camp Ramallah

Oxford Ramallah Friendship Association (ORFA) invited 6 women from Al Amari Refugee Camp in Ramallah and 1 from Bethlehem, to Oxford for a 10 day Palestinian awareness program. Refaa Abu Reesh from Jaffa, Latifa Naji, Samira Brash, Elham Abu Taha all from Ramla, Nadia Haboub, Basima Hamad both from Al Lid, and Hanan Bannourah from Bethlehem.

On Friday 20th June PHT hosted a supper for the women and gave  a presentation about the project with the hope that they would be inspired to join in.  Some of  the  images shown in the presentation were of  Al Amari camp embroidery center, taken a couple years ago when Helen and Jan visited. Women in the pictures were recognised with great glee by our visitors.  It is hoped that Jan and Helen will visit Al Amari  again this autumn and  encourage embroidery contributions. In all events there was great enthusiasm about helping from the group.


Amari women2





Basma Nazer joins the team in Jordan


Basma Nazer

Basma Nazer, our coordinator in Jordan  is from Al-Khalil [Hebron] a Palestinian city south of Jerusalem. She was initially introduced to the Palestinian History Tapestry Project when she was in Oxford completing her MBA degree. As a passionate Palestinian and Jordanian, she was thrilled to join the team and co-ordinate the project from Jordan, where she currently lives and works. Basma enjoys working with embroidery groups in Palestinian refugee camps. Every thread and stitch tells a story of a Palestinian city and together the embroidery helps us learn about the history and beauty of Palestine.

A gift from Widad Kawar

Widad Kawar very kindly gave us a book from her collection. ‘Palestinian Embroidery “Traditional Fallahi” Cross Stitch’. This beautiful and detailed book  will be a very important resource for  panel creation. Widad who wrote the book  dedicated it to ..”all Palestinian women who have embroidered in the past and are still embroidering today”  ISBN 9953-441-94-4



Front cover showing traditional Gaza fabric woven by Majdal Weavers of Gaza Refugee Camp


Map of  Palestine showing the embroidery areas identified in the book


Ram Allah [Ramallah] thobe side panel strips


Yafa [Jaffa] thobe side panels


Al- Khalil [Hebron] thobe chest panel


Gaza thobe back panel


Bir al-sab’ [Beersheba]  thobe side panel