A Devastating Loss


Samar AlHallaq 1985-2014

We learned last night that Samar AlHallaq, our assistant coordinator in Gaza was killed, along with her two young sons aged four and six, by Israeli bombing in Rimal.  She was carrying her third child.

Her husband Hassan is critically ill in hospital.  Several other members of their family were killed in the same attack.

We are heartbroken beyond belief.


36 thoughts on “A Devastating Loss

  1. We are all devastated by the loss of so many innocent lives of men, women, children and babies yet unborn. How can the great nation of America claim the world’s respect if its only response is to say that Israel has the right to defend itself while at the same time the Palestinians’ right to defend THEMSELVES against the inhuman siege and occupation is met with this kind of response?

  2. Jan and all,
    I am so sorry for you all and of course for the family. This is terrible news, Every death and injury is terrible and sickening. Obama has only to pick up the phone….

  3. What can we say that has any real meaning for you? We are so terribly sorry that we stand helpless to help the people of Gaza.

  4. My condolences for your loss. I wish for you and every single habitant of Gaza an immediate seize fire and that no more blood will be shed – ever! I wish.

  5. May Allah have mercy on their souls! Our hearts weep every minute for Gaza. May Allah stand with them, protect them, and give them their freedom ya Allah!

  6. I have no idea what to say. This is the most unbearably sad thing I have read so far. I know my words mean nothing when there is nothing I can really do to help. Just know that our tears flow for the people of Gaza.

  7. May Allah’s mercy and forgiveness be upon her. May she be rewarded jannah in sha allah. God bless the children. May her husband recover in sha allah and stay strong through this test. Faith and Patience is the key.

  8. May she rest in peace. So sad to hear this. Are they going to say that she and her children were human shields? For what? Lies. More innocent women and children killed all for lies all for injustice while the world watches!!

  9. No words can soften hearing about Samar and her family. We didn’t know her, but came across the post on Facebook. We pray the better place she is going inshAllah takes her and her blessed children away from this world’s bitterness. Stay strong, from all the Serendipity Team. x

  10. Was she a terrorist. ? no she wasn’t. was the unborn child she carried belonged to hamas. ? no its not. She was killed innocent.

  11. I doubt that words can heal grieving souls, but I add my words of deep regret and sorrow for this beloved family and their tragic loss. There is so much loss for all the people involved. I pray for the true healing that can only come with peace.

  12. I’ve made a donation as a way to honour her memory. I am at a loss for what else to do. I pray for this madness to stop, to just stop.

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  14. Such beauty destroyed ! How can any of this slaughter be justified!
    Israel, we would be as outspoken if this was in the time of the holocaust, if social media had existed then. Do you not see this? Do you not see our protests in the streets?

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  17. Allah Yerhamha w yesaberkum. My heartfelt condolences and prayers for solace. May She and her babies Rest in peace, may there be peace and justice and mercy to all. I grieve for this tragic loss of humanity and innocence, and am outraged and saddened beyond words.

  18. I send my condolences to you personally, and my heartfelt and deep prayers for peace. It will take all of us crying out LOUD and going into the streets to protest our country’s participation it this horrific masacre. Israel has lost it’s moral center, it is corrupt and will eventually lose.

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