A gift from Widad Kawar

Widad Kawar very kindly gave us a book from her collection. ‘Palestinian Embroidery “Traditional Fallahi” Cross Stitch’. This beautiful and detailed book  will be a very important resource for  panel creation. Widad who wrote the book  dedicated it to ..”all Palestinian women who have embroidered in the past and are still embroidering today”  ISBN 9953-441-94-4



Front cover showing traditional Gaza fabric woven by Majdal Weavers of Gaza Refugee Camp


Map of  Palestine showing the embroidery areas identified in the book


Ram Allah [Ramallah] thobe side panel strips


Yafa [Jaffa] thobe side panels


Al- Khalil [Hebron] thobe chest panel


Gaza thobe back panel


Bir al-sab’ [Beersheba]  thobe side panel


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